Automate your coffee, deploy your home

Happy April Fools’ day! 😉

The internet of things is already a reality and more users take advantage of it in their homes and workplaces. This is why today we are releasing support for deploying smart coffee machines and fridges (more appliances coming soon).


Just check the IP address of your smart device and add it as a normal host (you can find the log-in credentials in your device’s manual).

And that’s it, you can start deploying orders to your coffe machine.

# Deploy for 5 second milk + coffee on HTCPCP/1.0
# Possible milk types: Cream, Half-and-half, Whole-milk, Part-Skim, Skim, Non-Dairy
var milk_type = set: Whole-milk
exec: POST <%VAR:milk_type%>
exec: sleep 5
exec: WHEN
exec: BREW

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