#ReleaseMonday: Quick Exec

This week on our particular #ReleaseMonday we introduce the “Quick Exec”, an easy and fast way to execute a single-liner command on a host or hostgroup directly from the web interface.


You can find this new dialog on the “Deploys” section, just below the classic “Quick Install”.

New commands

You can also now use two new commands on any definition file:


Works on the same way as the “deploy” command but executing the “undeploy” file instead of the normal “def” file. This can be called from both “def” and “undeploy” files (e.g. for undeploying recursively several deploys or replacing a deploy with another one).

undeploy [if <condition>]: deploy_to_undeploy


Allows you to stop monitoring a service. It can also be called from both “def” and “undeploy” files.

unmonitor [if <condition>]: service

Full changelog

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