undefinedASYD v0.07 is here and more stable than ever!

Due to some unexpected behaviors caused by the new Passenger version, we are switching to Unicorn as our new application server.

Unicorn gave us a lot more control over the application flow and workers. Under Unicorn, ASYD runs much more stable than under Passenger on it’s newer version, in exchange for some extra RAM usage.

After extensive testing and due to the obvious advantages we’ve decided to push it to our main branch.

We are also featuring a new launch-script for starting ASYD, now you just need to do:

./ start

and ASYD will start daemonized on the background (with all the console output written to “log/asyd.log”). This script takes as parameters “start”, “stop” and “restart”.

Feel free to create initscripts based on this, but don’t forget to cd into the ASYD directory before calling the script.

Full changelog

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