Boosting the UI – v0.06


Today is #ReleaseMonday, and with this new version ASYD features a whole lot of web interface improvements:

New Monitoring interface

Create new “Monitors” for your services, edit them and start or stop monitoring those services on any selected hosts or hostgroups, all from the web interface!


Auto-Refresh the Tasks

Now both the tasks list and the task detail views are automatically refreshed while a task is running, so you won’t need to manually reload the page to see the changes, the new executed commands or the completed taks.


Add and remove files on a Deploy

From now on you only need the web interface for creating or modifying Deploys, you can even upload your files or configurations!

SQLite improvements

On the previous release we announced the use of WAL to improve SQLite concurrency. After some testing we introduced various changes to ensure the consistency of the database

The WAL journaling is not set by the updater anymore but for the init function on ASYD, ensuring it even when a database gets deleted.

ASYD now issues a WAL checkpoint when it receives the exit signal to ensure all the changes gets written to the database.

More changes will be done to this system in the future, as the WAL feature is rather new, we are still testing it and we want to be able to ensure completely the consistency of the database. We recommend, for now, after adding a large amount of data (as hosts or hostgroups) to restart ASYD to force a checkpoint and write all the data to the disk.

Check here the full changelog of this new version.

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