Dashboard? Dashboard!


We are releasing today a new stable version (v0.054) and we are proud to announce there will be no more “-Dashboard-” but a real dashboard!

While it still lacks some functionality, so far it will be used to display usage statistics, like the tasks (started, completed and failed) and the hosts added (or removed). As you can see on the screenshot above, the tasks are displayed per day over the last 30 days, while the hosts are a summatory over the time since ASYD was installed.

Service Status

Another feature recently added is the ability to see the status of a monitored service from the Host Detail view.


On the last row you can see the status of each service, followed by it’s status message, and coloured depending if the service is all ok, if it failed or if it’s just not monitored on Monit itself.

Monit, Monit, Monit

Monit was also updated to Monit 5.12 with the ASYD patch applied, this release updates the Monit deploy to retrieve the latest binaries.

Note that so far our Monit binaries support Linux, OpenBSD and Solaris/OpenIndiana on 32 and 64 bits architectures, if you are willing to compile our code for other OS or architecture, contact us so we can include them, we are always open to any collaboration 😉


This release also features several SQLite improvements to allow better concurrency, the most noticeable is the use of WAL as journaling type to allow database reads while other thread is writing on the database. There’s also cleanup upon restart to avoid database fragmentation and the cache sizes were adjusted a bit.

The install command on apt now uses –no-install-recommends parameter to avoid extra unnecessary packages to be installed.

Some other bugs and minor changes were done.


As usual, for updating just go to your ASYD directory and execute:

passenger stop
git pull
bundle install
passenger start

This will stop ASYD, download the latest code, install any missing gems and start it again.

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