Releasing v0.05: Notifications and more!

Today we are releasing ASYD v0.05 stable!

Among other changes, it features (finally!) email notifications. Now when the monitoring detects issues on any of your hosts, you and any allowed user will receive an email notification. For critical issues (host being completely down) you will receive a reminder every minute, and for non-critical issues (service warnings) the reminders are triggered every 5 minutes. You can, as usual, acknowledge an issue from the web interface.


You can also define (as admin) which users should or should not receive notifications.

For this new features to work properly, we had to patch Monit to receive more detailed output from their XML API, thus now the Monit deploy will use our own precompiled binaries. You can check out this patch on our GitHub page.

Password Recovery

With the email notifications fully working, we also included password recovery features, now any user can request a password change, but remember to properly configure the email settings, so the emails can reach their destination.


As well, now any user can change it’s own password.



This release also includes several bugfixes and other minor improvements.

The UI now features error pages and also reports more detailed debug on all aspects, like if the email system failed, if a host is not reachable when deploying, or more details when a deploy fails on any part like installing packages, etc.

Corrected also the issue of the SSH keys and other configurations being duplicated, now it only installs them once.

We also deprecated the “monitored” property inside the Host class in favor of a custom variable, so now the user can also change the monitored status of a host (monitored/not monitored). This status is triggered by the Monit deploy itself after being successfully deployed.


You can see the full changelog on the pull-request.

Special thanks to Mephiston for his contribution to this release 🙂

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