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Welcome to our Blog!

Today we are launching the official blog for ASYD Solutions, here we will be publishing news, updates, tutorials, deploys, events and more! So stay tuned to know everything about ASYD and learn to master it.

We also launched today a contributed repository on GitHub, to which you can send your own deploys or monitoring files. Check it here and remember to read the Readme and follow the guidelines if you wish to publish your own content there.

A bit about ASYD…

ASYD is an automation system for the deployment of IT infrastructure and server monitoring.

It is powerful, versatile, agentless and fully OpenSource, comes with an integrated web interface making it even easier to manage and visualize all your systems. It also offers server monitoring and automatic recovering of services (based on Monit), what makes it the perfect all in one solution for managing your entire infrastructure.

With ASYD, system administrators can install software, updates, manage settings, or monitor the status of their servers on a comprehensive, quick and easy way, without requiring any programming skills, just a basic knowledge of shell scripting.

Reading the entire documentation doesn’t takes more than 10 minutes, and writing deploys for automating your systems is just as easy. Thanks to the variables and conditionals, you will just need to write a single deploy which will work on any kind of system, and with our custom syntax you can do all that in just a few lines.


Why should I use ASYD?

Unlike other state-driven alternatives, ASYD let’s you to write exactly what you want to do on your systems and how to do it, giving you full control over the entire process, still making it simple and reliable. You can define what software to install, how to configure it and any steps or validations required to reach your desired state, pack that definitions into a “deploy” and distribute it over all your systems.

Thanks for reading!

ASYD Team.

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